Our Cancellations & Refunds / Invoice / Late Fee / Billing Policy – Last Updated on 02/12/2020

Invoice Policy / Late Fee Policy / Billing Policy


Please read the Cancellations And Refunds Policy ("Invoice Policy," or "Billing Policy" ) below, which applies to all our features products and services provided by Hostinglelo ("," "us,", "our"). Purchasing any Service from Hostinglelo implies that you agree to be bound by it. This "Cancellations And Refunds Policy" is updated regularly and It is very important that you read before you purchase any Service(s) from . It is our belief that we will do our best to meet all our customers' needs, however, due to some unavoidable circumstances, users may not be satisfied with our products and services. In such cases, clients can cancel their services and ask for "Hostinglelo Wallet Refund" if dissatisfied with our services. Please note that "Hostinglelo Wallet Refund" will only be issued if cancellations were made within the timeframe listed under "Our Standard Refund Policy", otherwise not. Users can receive a "Hostinglelo Wallet Refund" for their service with us if they cancel Products/Services that are eligible for a refund under our Standard Refund Terms.

Agreement with Customer

It is your / user / customer responsibility to ensure that you understand our Cancellations And Refunds Policy before signing up for any of the services on Hostinglelo. The Cancellations And Refunds Policy apply to all Services you receive from Hostinglelo during the Term or Renewal Term.

Hostinglelo Standard Refund Policy /

Our Standard Refund Policy

The amount you paid will be "Hostinglelo Wallet Refund" if the services we provide do not meet your expectations, or if they do not work properly. Please request a "Hostinglelo Wallet Refund" by contacting us on Ticket Support within 7 days of activation of your hosting account.

Refund Type: We Only provide "Hostinglelo Wallet Refund".
Our refund policy is straightforward: once we receive any payment for any service, we will only issue a "Hostinglelo Wallet Refund", regardless of whether the user likes our services or not. There are many services we offer, such as Domain Names, Shared Hosting, VPS, Servers, SSL, and user can use "Hostinglelo Wallet Refund" to purchase those services.

Refundable Services: ("Monthly Web Hosting" "Cheap Web Hosting" "Unlimited Web Hosting" "Small Business Hosting" "Reseller Web Hosting").

NON-Refundable Services: ("Domain" "VPS Web Hosting" "Dedicated Server" "SSL Certificates" "Business E-Mail").

Please note that refunds will not be provided in the following circumstances:

Services Cancellation /

Cancellation Process

In addition to refusing service to anyone, we may restrict access to our servers. All services provided by us should be used only for lawful purposes. We are prohibited from transmitting, storing, or presenting any information or material in violation of any applicable laws. This list is intended to provide examples of activities that are strictly prohibited on our server.

Cancellation Request Policy /

Account Termination Policy

Invoice Policy / Late Payment Policy /

Non- Payment Policy